A Brief History

A Brief History

How One Act of Kindness Led to a Business

After helping some book club friends who were looking for advice regarding personal portfolios, founder Steve Bentley saw something faulty with the finance industry. 

After being approached by more and more members in his community, Steve decided to step back into finance. He created the Montane Group with the goal of helping people achieve financial security through education, transparency, and trust.

How We Continue the Vision:

Our clients know that every time they call or come through our office door, they will get a personal and in-depth conversation with us, and we believe that they will leave feeling heard and empowered. Helping you take care of yourself and your family is our #1 priority.

What's in a Name:

I named my company the Montane Group after the mountains that surround us here in the Pacific Northwest. I believe mountains are a perfect metaphor for what my professional goals were in starting this business. They are a part of the earth that reaches for the sky, but first and foremost, they are rock solid and enduring. I started my business to help people, first with the goal of helping them establish a solid, grounded financial foundation for security, and then helping them build upon that.

You’ll hear me say it over and over again, “to me, this is personal.” The name Montane is like a personal mission to help my clients move from financial uncertainty into financial security, and further beyond that, into financial empowerment. Your financial wellbeing and goals are my highest priority.

Photo: Steve's grandmother, mother, and two uncles at their family home in Seattle 1954. Steve grew up in a family where financial planning meant setting future generations up for success. His mission is to share that vision with you and yours!