Our 2020 Client Event is Virtually Killer!

Client Centered

Client Centered

Get A Clue  & Catch A Killer

There’s a murderer on the loose, and it’s up to your team to stop him!  A famous art critic was found dead and the only way to catch the killer is by completing a virtual murder mystery scavenger hunt through America’s great museums.  Follow the clues, find the art, answer amusing questions about what you find online, and suss out the name of the killer, the scene of the crime, and weapon used. Think you’re up to the challenge?

By using a video conferencing app that works with any browser, you’ll work together in teams and follow links to art on museum websites, tackle tricky questions for points, and consult photo clues to narrow the list of possible suspects, weapons and crime scenes.  Invite your friends to be on your team or we can connect you with other clients to form a team. No previous knowledge of art is required. But you’ll be amazed at the art you discover—and with any luck, you’ll catch the culprit!

REGISTRATION IS LIMITED!!  Register below to reserve your spot and let us know in the Comments Section if you will have your own team or if you want to join one.  

Thank you!