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Financial advising is all about relationships. Previous to becoming an advisor, I had worked as an entrepreneur, educator, and professional accountant in a variety of business sectors. Over the years, I saw too many family and friends hurt by the financial investment industry. By firms who were prioritizing bottom lines over individuals and their families. I began talking to more and more friends, colleagues, and community members. The more I talked, the more I felt called to apply my knowledge of business in the service of others. After discussing it with my wife and then teenage daughters, I decided to take the plunge. And here we are! Today, my team and I combine sound, data-driven strategies with the trust, care, and respect we have for each of our clients. At the end of the day, it is all about relationships. My role as your advisor is to listen, educate, and serve so that you leave every trade meeting feeling heard, informed, and empowered. At the Montane Group, we work diligently to incorporate our clients into every part of the investment process. I would love to hear about your financial goals and talk about how we can get you there. So let's connect!

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